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VELION EXTRA LONG LIFE COOLANT is a specially formulated synthetic, environment-friendly radiator coolant. It is based on ethylene glycol and a specially selected group of corrosion inhibitors. It is a high-performance coolant designed to provide efficient protection from winter freezing and summer overheating as well. The inhibitors used effectively prevent corrosion and deposit formation in the key components of the cooling system, such as cooling channels in the cylinder head & engine block, cooler, water pump, and heat exchanger.


Color : GREEN / RED / BLUE

Packaging detail : 210 Ltr, 1 Ltr, 5 Ltr, 3 ltr



Benefits :

  • Ultimate Performance – prevents hot weather boil-over and provides cold weather freeze protection by lowering the freezing point and raising the boiling point temperatures.
  • Outstanding Cooling Efficiency – offers uniform and continuous cooling ensuring longer life of engine parts.
  • Excellent Compatibility – offers excellent compatibility with aluminum and all lightweight engine components of today’s high mileage vehicles. Does not react with natural or synthetic rubber.
  • Environment Friendly – boron-free, amine-free, and phosphate, silicate-free formula
  • Enhanced Life – the coolant by offering the best protection reduces maintenance costs and increases radiator life.
  • Excellent Stability – offers excellent hard water stability up to 700 ppm hardness.
  • Superior Protection – provides excellent protection against sludge clogging, scale build up, liner pitting, rust and corrosion and protects non-metallic components like gaskets and hoses. Prevents corrosion damage to wet cylinder liners and alloy components such as water pumps.



  • All Automotive radiators for Passenger Cars / Trucks / Buses / Tractors / LCV’s.
  • Dilute in a ratio of 1:5 (coolant with water).