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Velion 20W40 CF4 MG

VELION Multigrade 20W-40 is a high quality multigrade diesel engine oil blended with superior quality high viscosity index base oil and well balanced group of additives to provide high detergency, dispersancy and anti-oxidation characteristics. This oil is formulated to perform under the most stringent operating conditions of heavy-duty diesel engines and offers outstanding protection against oil degradation, oil thickening and corrosion. It has good shear stability and maintains its viscosity under high shear, high temperature conditions. Velion Multigrade 20W-40 provides the highest level of protection for relatively older diesel engines, large or small, non-turbocharged or turbocharged diesel engines.


Performance and Standards:  API SM/CF-4

Color: BROWN

Packaging Detail :    210 Ltr, 50 Ltr, 20 Ltr, 10 Ltr,  7.5 Ltr,  5 Ltr, 3.5 Ltr, 3 Ltr, 1 Ltr, 500 ML




Benefits :

  • Resistance to Oxidation and Thermal Degradation – enhanced high temperature oxidation stability offers superior protection to the engine oil at high temperatures and controls sludge build-up and deposits formation in the engine. Extends oil life.
  • Enhanced Engine Life – superior wear protection characteristics of the oil provides improved protection to various critical engine parts such as cylinder liner, piston rings & valve, cams, etc. over a wide range of operating temperature. Extends engine life and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Engine Cleanliness – advanced detergent-dispersant additive technology provides improved engine cleanliness and ensures consistently high performance of the engine. Enhances engine and oil life.
  • Multigrade Performance – Multigrade viscosity is designed to provide easy engine start-up and minimal start-up wear along with protection in high-temperature conditions.
  • Excellent Shear Stability – Ensures viscosity control at high temperatures and high shear conditions. Provides protection to the components.
  • Good TBN Retention – excellent protection against corrosive wear of engine components due to high TBN retention capacity over the oil life.



  • VELION Multigrade 20W-40 is recommended for use in heavy-duty commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, multiutility vehicles, tractors, 3-wheelers, gensets etc. fitted with high-speed naturally aspirated or turbo-charged diesel engines operating at low speed and high torque conditions.

Density @ 29.5⁰C, gm/cc 0.856
Kinematic Viscosity, CST@40°C 118
Kinematic Viscosity, CST@100°C 14
Viscosity Index, min. 120
Pour Point, °C, max. – 21
Flash Point, COC, °C, min 240
TBN, mg. KOH/gm. 7-10