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VELION SUPER 4T 20W-50 is a high-quality multigrade engine oil blended from hydro-processed Group II plus base oils and a select additive package. It is specially formulated for lubrication of the engine, integrated gear box, and wet clutch for improved engine performance and durability. Higher viscometric of this oil offers protection against wear by providing strong oil film. VELION SUPER 4T20W-50 provides outstanding resistance to oxidation and keeps the engine parts clean and free from carbon deposits formation even under extreme operating conditions. It also helps reduce vibration and engine noise.


Color: BROWN

Performance and Standards: API SM / SN / SL / JASO MA2

Packaging Detail: 210 Ltr, 50 Ltr, 1 Ltr,



Features :

  • Very good shear stability and excellent viscosity temperature behavior.
  • Exceptional thermal and oxidation stability.
  • High detergent and dispersant properties.
  • Excellent heat resistance capability.
  • Optimizes frictional properties.
  • Aids faster heat dissipation to give longer engine life.

Benefits :

  • Ensures excellent wear protection.
  • Longer drain intervals.
  • Lower clutch slippage.
  • Provides better fuel economy.
  • Longer drain interval means value for money.
  • Excellent operation at high-temperature conditions


VELION SUPER 4T 20W-50 engine oil is recommended for all high-powered modern and earlier models of 4-stroke motorcycle engines with integral gearboxes and wet clutches manufactured by leading manufacturers.



Density @ 29.5⁰C, gm/cc 0.875
Kinematic Viscosity, cst@40 °C 156
Kinematic Viscosity, cst@100 °C 19
Viscosity Index, min. 134
Pour Point, °C, max. -25
Flash Point, COC, °C, min 220
TBN, mg. KOH/gm. 8.1