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VELION SUPER 4T BULLET is a premium quality semi-synthetic engine oil for lubrication of 4-stroke engines of high-powered motorcycles. Extreme on-road performances accelerate engine wear and deteriorate engine oil due to high temperature, rapid oxidation, and sludge formation. These engines offer high power and torque and require reliable oil performance under arduous conditions. VELION SUPER 4T BULLET has the most advanced additive technology. A balanced blend of detergents, dispersants, oxidation inhibitors and anti-wear agents ensure reliable performance and protection. It also offers superior engine cleanliness and smoother clutch performance. VELION SUPER 4T BULLET provides outstanding resistance to carbon deposit formation even at extreme operating conditions. It also helps reduce vibration and engine noise.


Color: BROWN

Performance and standards : API SM / JASO MA2

Packaging detail : 210 Ltr, 50 Ltr, 2.5 Ltr,


Performance/ Benefits:

Resistance to Oxidation and Thermal Degradation – excellent resistance to oil breakdown under high temperatures and aggressive driving conditions. Prevents harmful deposit formation and controls oil thickening. Enhances engine and oil life.

Excellent Protection – Premium additive technology offers high resistance to piston wear by offering sufficient oil film thickness for proper lubrication of the engine at high temperatures. Extends engine life. Offers superior protection of gears during daily commuter duty.

Enhanced Control – Optimised friction control ensures reduced wear of engine parts, smoother clutch engagement and gear changes.

Power Realisation – The additive system coupled with semisynthetic technology provides superior lubrication of engine, clutch and gear. Ensure quick engine response and increasing power output.

Excellent Rust Protection and Seal Compatibility – offers excellent rust protection and reduced maintenance cost. Formulation is compatible with seal material and preserves elasticity of engine seals.

Excellent Deposit Control – superior oxidation control reduces sludge and varnish formation to provide a cleaner running engine which increases oil and engine life.


VELION SUPER 4T 15W-50 BULLET is recommended for all the models of geared 4-stroke bikes manufactured by royal Enfield, viz. Thunderbird 500, thunderbird 350, classic desert storm 500, classic 500, classic 350, bullet Electra twin spark, bullet 350 etc.



Density @ 29.5⁰C, gm/cc 0.865
Kinematic Viscosity, cst@40 °C 150
Kinematic Viscosity, cst@100 °C 21
Viscosity Index, min. 140
Pour Point, °C, max. -25
Flash Point, COC, °C, min 240
TBN, mg. KOH/gm. 8.1